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        • Name: ZL18F Wheel Loader
        • Added time: 2012-07-25
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        Performance整机性能 Rated Load(ton) 额定载重量(吨) 1.8
        Total weight(kg) 整机重量(千克) 4800 kg
        Rated Bucket Capacity(m3) 额定斗容(方) 1 m3
        Max.Gradeability 最大爬坡能力 30°
        Dumping Height(mm) 卸载高度(毫米) 3200 mm
        Overall Dimemsions(mm) 整机尺寸(毫米) 5700*2020*2800
        Min.Turning Radius(mm) 最小转弯半径(毫米) 4600 mm
        Engine发动机 Model 型号 weifang huafeng 4102
        Type 型式 In-line,Water-colled,Four-stroke,Direct injection, four- cylinder直列,水冷,直喷,四缸
        Rated Power (kw) 额定功率(千瓦) 47kw
        Rated Speed( rpm) 额定转速(转/分) 2400rpm
        Transmission传动系统 Gear box 变速箱 countershaft powershift gearbox定轴式动力换挡
        Torque converter 变矩器 YJ265 
        Gear Shift 档位 2F2R22
        Max.Speed(km/h) 最大速度(公里/小时) 25 km/h
        Model of Axle 驱动桥 Hub Reduction Axle轮边减速桥
        Wheel Base(mm) 轴距(毫米) 2300 mm
        Hydraulic System液压系统 Hydraulic System  Pressure(Mpa) 液压系统压力(兆帕) 16 Mpa
        Raising Time(s) 举升时间(秒) ≤ 5.0 s
        Total Cycle Time(s) 三项和时间(秒) ≤ 9.0 s
        function of leveling automatically 自动放平 Yes
        Brake system制动系统 Service Brake 行车制动 Hydraulic,Disk Brake on 4 wheels 气顶油四轮盘式制动
        Parking Brake 驻车制动 manual Flexible Shaft Control Disc Brake手动盘式制动
        Tyre轮胎 Type Specification 轮胎型号 20.5-16
        Front Tyre Pressure(Mpa) 前轮气压(兆帕) 0.3 Mpa
        Rear Tyre Pressure(Mpa) 后轮气压(兆帕) 0.28 Mpa

        optional equipment:Joystick;Quick coupler;longer lift arm with dumping height 4.5M;pallet fork;log grapple;hay fork;snow plow;pipe grapple;AC;digger,sweeper

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